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Gridwerkz Interior. Are you paying more than you should on home renovation? Gridwerkz offers contractor price guranteed and help owners save big! Dream home doesn't need to come with a price.


Are you paying more than you should?




We are a group of certified interior designers. With years of experience, we are confident in building the client’s dream home. Over the last few years, we came to a realization that the interior design market has lost it’s touch. Home owners are paying a lot more which could actually be used for other furnishing of their homes. You will be shocked at how much money you could actually save!



With Gridwerkz, our goal is to help home owners achieve their dream home, at the lowest pricing available in the market. Over the past projects, we were able to obtain savings ranging from $4,000 to even up to $15,000. It might sound too good to be true, but you can contact us to let us work out the costing magic for you!

Results will speak for itself.



The Gridwerkz Team.

Project Trilinq, living design by Gridwerkz Interior.
Project Treasure Crest, living design by Gridwerkz Interior.
Project Parc life, dining design by Gridwerkz Interior.
Project Palette, living design by Gridwerkz Interior.
Project living design by Gridwerkz Interior.
Project bedroom design by Gridwerkz Interior.
Project bedroom design by Gridwerkz Interior.
Project living design by Gridwerkz Interior.
Project Yung Sheng, living design by Gridwerkz Interior.
Project Avila Gardens, living design by Gridwerkz Interior.


With Gridwerkz, we bring direct savings to client by cutting middle-man costings between interior firms and contractors. This way, home owners will be able to enjoy contractor pricing and at the same time, achieving their dream home!


Jovin and Stencer did a great job to my new home. They were both wonderful to work with, they really listened to my thoughts and shared their knowledge, advice, insights and creativity on possible styles and colour combinations and made suggestions based to my new home.


The team is reliable, professional and are everything you look for as a designer. They worked effectively, always making time to be available to get the job done efficiently. They were always following up with everything efficiently.
I would highly recommend them to others in future.

Thank you!


I am extremely pleased and touched with the work and service done. From the very beginning I knew that I had made the right decision in trusting them to renovate my home sweet home. We have received many compliments from friends and neighbours on the quality of the work. Your crew arrived each day on the agreed time and was always courteous and friendly.And, best of all, 


I will like to thank Gerald for helping me throughout the display and cleaning for the past few days until very late. We also appreciate the clean up that was performed not only at the end of the job but at the end of each workday. I really loved my house very much. We will continue to recommend your services to our friends and neighbors.

I engaged Gerald from Gridwerkz Interior early this year for my new EC flat. It has been a pleasant and smooth journey throughout the whole period. Jovin has been patient during all our visits for both before and after we sign. We liked the design proposed. The quotation I received was also a reasonable amount after comparing with other 5-6 studios I talked to. The execution had been smooth as well. Gerald even helped me coordinated with other contractors I engaged.
It has been 3 months since we moved in. We like the quality of the Reno works as well. Many thanks for the quality works!

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