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Are you paying more than you should?

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

We are a group of certified interior designers from Gridwerkz Interior. With years of experience, we are confident in building the client’s dream home.

Muji theme living design with touch of blue for depth. Carpentry and flooring priced at only $3,800! Market pricing:$6,000!

Over the last few years, we came to a realization that the interior design market has lost it’s touch. Home owners are paying a lot more which could actually be used for other furnishing of their homes.

“How much can you save?”

You will be shocked at how much money you could actually save!

On a budget but not compromising on design?

With Gridwerkz, our goal is to help home owners achieve their dream home, at the lowest pricing available in the market. Over the past projects, we were able to obtain savings ranging from $4,000 to even up to $15,000. It might sound too good to be true, but you can contact us to let us work out the costing magic for you!

Results will speak for itself.

The Gridwerkz Team.

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